Although times have changed since the inception of Female pageantry, the same qualities are still  
    required for the MISS TOURISM NIGERIA WORLD to be able to shine as a role model and change  
    ambassador. The perception of this role and reality can sometimes be vastly different. The idea that a  
    "pageant ambassador" is just for show and only judged on her exterior charm is certainly not relevant in  
    the search for our ambassador. We always refer to the “Full Package" which includes among other  
    attributes, the inner strength and maturity to take on the role and be able to interact with people on all  
    levels and social standing. From the moment of completing the entry form, the "job interview"  
    commences and this will eventually Culminate in the winner taking on a position which will see her  
    "working" for the sponsors, designers, charities, media and most importantly, for the Nigerian public.  
    From the moment of crowning, we encourage a healthy way of life - with the correct eating and exercise  
    plan - to be able to sustain energy levels and general wellbeing throughout her reign. A key focus of the  
    pageant is to empower young women from the moment they are chosen as semi- finalists to the  
    possibility of eventually being crowned the winner. The most rewarding aspect of taking on this role is  
    the joy of giving time and energy to those less fortunate and the heart warming and heart wrenching  
    moments that are experienced. The value of the impact that you can make on the lives of so many people  
    cannot be measured in monetary terms. Having empathy and compassion are key to making a difference.  
    A great combination of charm, poise, grace and brain; Miss Tourism Nigeria [World} 2014, Queen Ogenna  
    Ekwubir is one of those beauty queens that captivates your very soul the moment she walks into a room.  
    Ogenna Ekwubiri, 24 year old entrepreneur who emerged the new Miss Tourism Nigeria World 2016 at the  
    prestigious event which held at The Ruby Gardens Events Center,Lekki, Lagos amidst glitz, glamour and  
    paparazzi outshined over 21 very beautiful, self – assured and captivating tourism ambassadors to clinch  
    the star prize of:  
    A brand new car,  
    An opportunity to represent Nigeria at the 2016 Miss Tourism World event,  
    A year apartment,  
    A year gym membership,  
    A year supply of footwear,  
    A year subscription to favourite fashion magazine  
    A year as spokesperson of of ‘Saving H.O.P.E'  
    Queen Ogenna Ekwubiri is currently about her pet project which is promoting Nigeria’s tourism potential  
    on the international scene and also child education for the less privileged.. To Contact Queen Ogenna  
    Ekwubiri for special appearances and/or endorsements, kindly Click Here to fill Form  
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